Candles with propolis

If you want immediate treatment of inflammatory processes, the candles with propolis ideal for this. Do not forget that whatever the disease was not before to acquire and use the tool, you need to go to a doctor for tests, medical examinations and only after that start treatment.

It is important to know what stage of development began in the disease. In some cases there are replacement patterns for other drugs. Candles with propolis available in every pharmacy. Their cost is different and depends on the composition and the country in which they were produced. In the treatment it is recommended to strictly follow the instructions, if the doctor has prescribed a different dosage. If the doctor gave a different recommendation, then you need to follow expert advice.

The effect of the candles with propolis starts almost immediately. The active substances tend to be quickly absorbed into the body, the liver and the stomach will not be affected. The load on the internal organs is small, so a medicinal substance quickly hit the target, avoiding harmful for them gastric juice. The candles have the same effectiveness as the injections, but the first more purposefully.

Candles with propolis in gynecology

With the help of candles with propolis treated such women's diseases as bacterial vaginosis, parametritis, colpitis, vaginitis, candidiasis, thrush and erosion. They are ideal for the treatment of diseases that affect the vagina, cervix and vulva. This drug is aimed at relieving inflammation, reducing pain and discomfort and temperature decrease in some cases.

Petrovia candles with propolis

This medicine kills germs, viruses and bacteria, used as wound healing and anti-inflammatory drugs. Candles with propolis helps to start the regeneration of tissue, so the injury is healing much better. This drug reduced the level of occurrence of inflammation and increases the immune system of the body.

Treatment with candles is carried out after the prescription. Usually applied twice a day vaginally or rectally. The duration of treatment from five days to a week. This kind of candle is good if there are fresh or healing injuries. For inflammation will need a different medicine.