Description the contraceptive candles

Vaginal suppositories are referred to the chemical group of contraceptives. Must enter directly into the vagina for a few minutes before intercourse. Their effect is to increase the viscosity of the mucous tube and suppression of the activity of the spermatozoa, resulting in fertilization of the egg occurs. The main components that carry out this effect are nonaxial and benzalconi.

Suitable vaginal suppositories women with a permanent partner, because they do not protect against sexually transmitted infections. Also, this means of contraception is highly recommended to women who for various reasons shouldn't take hormonal contraceptives.

In order to stay on any particular kind of vaginal plugs should be guided by the basic factors: the degree of risk of Contracting various sexual infections, women's age and the presence of any disease, which is a contraindication for use.

The range of contraceptive candles

Contraceptive candles are melting ("pharmatex", "Sterilin") and foaming ("Patentex Oval). Melting candles under the influence of temperature of the body is dissolved and distributed on the surface of the vagina, forming a film. Bubbly candle - foaming.

Gynecologists believe that the spermicide, thanks to the foam more evenly distributed and the local irritant effect is not so noticeable. However, many women the amount of foam formed during dissolution of candles, inconvenience and discomfort.

Contraceptive candles are produced without any pungent smell, but there are also options with added flavors. This example is the galstena manufactured with the smell of roses, lavender or lemon.

To choose the specific kind of candle it is necessary to consult a specialist who will assess the condition of the body and, given its characteristics, recommend the best option. The most popular and effective are contraceptive vaginal suppositories: "farmateks", "Nonoxynol", "Patentex" "Oval" and "Contratseptin T".

The reliability of the spark is about 80 %. If the drug is used incorrectly, it can lead to unwanted pregnancy. To be effective, you must follow the instructions on their application. The combination of candles with other types of contraception, e.g. a condom, increases the percentage of security.

The advantages and disadvantages of contraceptive candles

The big advantage of this type of contraception is produced by the effect of artificial lubrication. For partners who have trouble with natural lubrication, which is a big plus.

Antiseptic effect of the candles affects the natural flora of the vagina, and the frequent use of them can lead to a change of the vaginal microflora and the development of dysbiosis. There are times when contraceptive candles cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the vagina and this causes burning sensation and allergic rash.

If women are present diseases of the genitourinary system or inflammation of the vagina from the use of the contraceptive candles should not be.