As a rule, "Enterosgel" is issued to newborns and children first year of life due to the fact that they often suffer from allergies, that is characterized by rashes over the body and red cheeks in children. Allergic dermatitis is manifested as skin dryness and peeling, a sign of diaper rash in the gluteal, and axillary folds, diaper rash, and urticaria.

Very often food Allergy in the newborn is accompanied by the development of enterocolitis. This is because the flow of the allergen occurs mainly through the digestive system, leading to regurgitation of food by infants, and the development of his abdominal pain. "Enterosgel" is considered a completely harmless drug and has no contraindications. It reduces the severity of the disease, while maintaining the best possible balance within the body. In addition, "Enterosgel" contributes to improving the work of all internal organs that invariably determines its versatile beneficial effects, namely: anti-Allergy, enhance immunity, excretion of cholesterol and so on.

"Enterosgel" in the treatment of allergies in infants

The main focus of therapy is the cessation of the receipt of the stimulus in the body of the newborn. In case, if you use the artificial or mixed feeding, it is necessary to completely replace cow's milk in Allergy-free mixture. If there is a breastfeeding baby, the mother should not eat those foods that can cause allergies in children. Symptomatic treatment of this disease is taking anti-allergic drugs both locally and internally. It is important that the expulsion of the allergen from the digestive tract with the help of enterosorbents. Choosing the medicine, you can be sure that it will help the baby's immature to cope successfully with alien antigens that were in his body. This sorbent even helps to eliminate yellowness of the skin of the baby. Thus, the use of "Enterosgel" is highly efficient because it reduces the load on the child's body and helps get rid of bilirubin. However, in conjunction with the drug, the pediatricians often recommend giving babies probiotics colonizing its digestive system and prevent the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

How to give "Enterosgel" for the baby

Typically, a dosage of the sorbent can be found by using the enclosed instructions detailing dosage in accordance with the age of the baby. Usually newborn the drug is given at 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. The duration of treatment is about three weeks. Studies have shown that the use of "Enterosgel" in hepatitis, for a short time in infants the level of bilirubin in the blood decreased in 5 times, and if you are allergic to this therapy did the skin of babies pure in a few days. Given these facts we can safely say that this drug can be given to babies.