Do not treat the diarrhea in the newborn yourself, especially with antibiotics. It can change the symptoms of the disease and cause future chronic undiagnosed illness. Moreover, if the cause of diarrheaand intestinal infections to the health and life of a baby can threaten serious danger. Especially take this into account if diarrhea is accompanied by high temperature (39ºС and above) and frequent loose stools 10-12 times per day).
Use to treat diarrheaand newborn medical therapy prescribed by a doctor after carrying out of laboratory researches. Homemade tools for the treatment of diarrheaand use as supplementary measures to the basic treatment.
Since the beginning of the diarrheaand try not to feed the baby within 6-12 hours. Call the doctor and before his arrival, take measures to prevent dehydration in the newborn. It is often and gradually give your baby water (120-150 ml per 1 kg of body weight to 6 months and 100 ml since 6 months and older).
During the diarrheaand the baby loses not only nutrients, but also power, so give the kid a 5% glucose or slightly sweetened water (not sweet).
If diarrhea of the newborn is accompanied by fever, don't lie to her while she remains within 38. Temperature is a measure of the body to fight possible infection, which is the intestine through diarrheaand outputs. In this case, also apply measures to prevent dehydration.
If the baby is breastfed, feed him after abstinence from food only breast milk, without any juices and puree. When artificial feeding and replace the milk mixture treatment (on prescription) and give small portions (after a break in feeding, start with half the volume). And so the little they have eaten, take in the nipple a very small hole.
Watch your diet. During breast feeding errors can be the main cause diarrhea. Eliminate all foods that cause flatulence or contributing. Is any pastry, potatoes, milk, white bread, beans, cabbage, grapes, melon, pears.