Replacement larvae in the castle begins with her choice. All larvae are standard and will easily fit to any cylinder lock. So there are plenty to choose. As a rule, to each door lock cylinders comes with 6 keys.
Now you need to remove the old worthless maggot. It is very simple. First, insert the key into the keyhole and turn to the door was open. Leave the key in the lock, it is still useful. Then remove the screws that secure the outer plate of the lock. This plate is located on the rear face of the door and she closes the lock. The next step – Unscrew the screw at the center of the tongue and lock, turn the lock key degrees for 40 to a position in which the striker freely released from the bed of the castle. Remove the larva.
If there is no key or mechanism in the larva completely broken, that this larva extract have to use a drill. Drill with diameter 10 mm, drill a core larvae. The idea is that after this procedure, the larva should be freely removed without using the key.
A new cylinder is inserted in the lock and all of its installation is similar to removing, but in reverse order. First, insert the key into the cylinder and rotate it in such a position that the flag of the larvae did not prevent her to pass freely in the bed of the castle. If you have correctly inserted, the bolt should be easily screwed in to attach the larva to the castle. It remains only to mount the end plate.