Advice 1: How to hand over session ahead of schedule

Each student compiles an annual two sessions in the established school time. Session final examination of the student's knowledge obtained during the academic semester. But there are emergency drop-down for the period of delivery of the sessional tests and examinations. In this case, the student decides to take them early. To pass ahead the session is only possible within a semester. How to do it?
How to hand over session ahead of schedule
On the basis of mass educational institutions permission is given to students who entire intersessional period studied "in the sweat of thy face": put all the intermediate laboratory and practical work, tests.
Try to negotiate with the teachers, whose disciplines have the opportunity to get a rating of a machine.
Write a statement to the Dean to Dean of the faculty with a request for resolution of examinations and tests ahead of time. In the statement, specify the reason and proof of the need of early delivery of session. The reasons can be the observation on the inpatient unit, labor, the coincidence of timing of sessions in different universities, calling on a business trip with work, etc. you May need the permission of the Dean of academic Affairs. If they rule in your favor, it will specify specific deadlines for session, but not later than the beginning of test week.
Collect signatures of all teachers agree to take your exams outside of school time. Agree with them on a certain date and time.
Get a referral for early test or exam.
Prepare for exam, test.
Find a teacher. Mentally tune in to the exam and pull a ticket.
In preparation for the exam usually stays for 1-2 days, so take it very hard. Remember that all early exams are one-on-one with the teacher and use the cheat sheets is almost impossible.

Advice 2: How to pass the early exam on the Russian language

Since 2009, EGE is the official form of the final attestation of pupils and its results are counted as entrance examinations to higher and secondary educational institutions. Moreover, the Russian language and mathematics are compulsory exam subjects and shall be all graduates without exception.
How to pass the early exam on the Russian language
The timing and schedule of the Unified state examination are determined annually. The period of the main wave final assessment begins no earlier than may 25. At this time the test is taken by graduates of schools of current year and of past years, graduates of institutions of primary and secondary vocational institutions, as well as students of foreign educational institutions.
Also provides for early submission of the exam, which starts no earlier than 20 April of the current year. The right to early examination available to graduates of evening or replacement of educational institutions, called to serve in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation; the graduates which leave on the Russian and international competitions, contests, competitions and training camps; graduates who go to a permanent place of residence or education abroad; graduates who for medical reasons are directed to the therapeutic or rehabilitation activities to take place during the main wave of the exam; graduates of the Russian educational institutions located outside the Russian Federation, in countries with difficult climatic conditions.
Register to take the exam ahead of time passes in the same terms as the registration of students on the main wave of the exam, but no later than March 1 of the current year. For early passing the state exam, you must submit a written application with the obligatory indication of the reasons for postponement of the exam and the list of subjects on which you plan to complete the exam. The document is sent to the provincial Department of education or to the institution of the Department of education, under the authority of which is the UNIVERSITY in which the graduate plans to do.
A specific date for the early passage of the state final examination in Russian language is determined annually. In addition, it provides backup day, which takes place early in the exam in all academic disciplines for those who for good cause was unable to pass the exam on the scheduled date or did not complete the test to the end.
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