On the basis of mass educational institutions permission is given to students who entire intersessional period studied "in the sweat of thy face": put all the intermediate laboratory and practical work, tests.
Try to negotiate with the teachers, whose disciplines have the opportunity to get a rating of a machine.
Write a statement to the Dean to Dean of the faculty with a request for resolution of examinations and tests ahead of time. In the statement, specify the reason and proof of the need of early delivery of session. The reasons can be the observation on the inpatient unit, labor, the coincidence of timing of sessions in different universities, calling on a business trip with work, etc. you May need the permission of the Dean of academic Affairs. If they rule in your favor, it will specify specific deadlines for session, but not later than the beginning of test week.
Collect signatures of all teachers agree to take your exams outside of school time. Agree with them on a certain date and time.
Get a referral for early test or exam.
Prepare for exam, test.
Find a teacher. Mentally tune in to the exam and pull a ticket.