To get a great score on passing the exam, must as soon as possible to start training. The exam covers several core subjects on the specialty, the number of questions which is over a hundred. Of course, with this volume of material to handle is not easy, especially in the last days of preparation. But if competently to allocate time from the first day, as soon as published head of the Department a list of questions to the state exam, there is a huge chance not just to understand the material, but also learn key points.
The use of Cribs is not forbidden in that case, if you have manual dexterity and will be able to get out of the pocket of your jacket or pants information. Now technological progress has been particularly developed, so there are a lot of mobile devices for cheating. But the certification Commission does not sleep. For example, many institutions prohibit to bring a mobile phone, not to mention modern smartphones.
Also note that the teachers taking the state exam, while learning already have the impression about the abilities of the student. Therefore, if a hard-core Trinitarian says five, this circumstance may cause them to have suspicion of cheating. You need to be prepared to answer additional questions and for this it is desirable to learn some complex set of material to show off their knowledge on the exam and to plunge into culture shock distrustful of teachers.