By the way, large and complex state exam much easier to pass than the primitive subject in the first year: any normal student during his studies at the "Alma mater" adapts to constant monitoring of his IQ and knows that "not so devil as he is painted." However, taking this statement for the idea, you should not rely only on him. To prepare for the exam you need to seriously.

Emphasize that thoroughly forgotten

Preparing for the exam, do not grasp the head, reviewing the list of questions. Even if at first some of the topics seem unfamiliar, you can be sure: most of what you need to know, you know. Only a few pages of the textbook or notes (if you have one) and you'll understand that completely forgotten the subject you remember. There is one rule: usually forgotten what I knew quite well and handed over immediately. Discipline, forced to suffer, is remembered for a long time, like a toothache. So to remember will be thoroughly forgotten quite easily: with this and start.

Correctly to pass the state exam will banal "spur"

Some students pass the exams without charging. Others see it as blatant lies and we are sure that at least once in their life cheated any student. Many people think that on the state exam can not be written off. The others are not without reason to believe that the state can be attributed, and it is absolutely no problem: after all, if you admitted to such a test, and you do not know anything, blame the teachers who failed to understand over the years of training.

Those who hope for the state exam to write off, there is one thing: to write off only have the crib. The impressive mountain of textbooks with you to the exam will not carry, but one is not enough. Therefore, the right to pass the state exam can only help sensible crib. It is better if you write it yourself. First, if you manage to use such, you will be able to read what is written there. Second, if you don't use it, then the question still answer: because you learned it while writing tips, isn't it? By the way, when copying information from a textbook or computer works "mechanical memory", even if the crib you do not write by hand and type in the editor window.

To pass the state exam with a smartphone and the Internet may fail

Especially if you are studying in a technical high school. Competent teacher-geeks will take great pleasure as a gentle exercise to dispel your hopes and aspirations, blocked opportunities of mobile communication. Besides, information from the Internet should not always be trusted, and "help a friend" may be a disservice. Besides, we should not forget that any calculation for Russian "maybe" relaxes and allows you to forget the fact that he remembered at least in part. Want to pass the state exam? Only rely on yourself.