Advice 1: How to pass the state exam

Best of all – the first time. Agree that not very well to pass the state exam the second time. Yes, and it's a shame: classmates have long passed him and rest prior to working, and preparing for the "second attempt". So passing the state exam "for the future" it is better not to postpone.
How to pass the state exam

By the way, large and complex state exam much easier to pass than the primitive subject in the first year: any normal student during his studies at the "Alma mater" adapts to constant monitoring of his IQ and knows that "not so devil as he is painted." However, taking this statement for the idea, you should not rely only on him. To prepare for the exam you need to seriously.

Emphasize that thoroughly forgotten

Preparing for the exam, do not grasp the head, reviewing the list of questions. Even if at first some of the topics seem unfamiliar, you can be sure: most of what you need to know, you know. Only a few pages of the textbook or notes (if you have one) and you'll understand that completely forgotten the subject you remember. There is one rule: usually forgotten what I knew quite well and handed over immediately. Discipline, forced to suffer, is remembered for a long time, like a toothache. So to remember will be thoroughly forgotten quite easily: with this and start.

Correctly to pass the state exam will banal "spur"

Some students pass the exams without charging. Others see it as blatant lies and we are sure that at least once in their life cheated any student. Many people think that on the state exam can not be written off. The others are not without reason to believe that the state can be attributed, and it is absolutely no problem: after all, if you admitted to such a test, and you do not know anything, blame the teachers who failed to understand over the years of training.

Those who hope for the state exam to write off, there is one thing: to write off only have the crib. The impressive mountain of textbooks with you to the exam will not carry, but one is not enough. Therefore, the right to pass the state exam can only help sensible crib. It is better if you write it yourself. First, if you manage to use such, you will be able to read what is written there. Second, if you don't use it, then the question still answer: because you learned it while writing tips, isn't it? By the way, when copying information from a textbook or computer works "mechanical memory", even if the crib you do not write by hand and type in the editor window.

To pass the state exam with a smartphone and the Internet may fail

Especially if you are studying in a technical high school. Competent teacher-geeks will take great pleasure as a gentle exercise to dispel your hopes and aspirations, blocked opportunities of mobile communication. Besides, information from the Internet should not always be trusted, and "help a friend" may be a disservice. Besides, we should not forget that any calculation for Russian "maybe" relaxes and allows you to forget the fact that he remembered at least in part. Want to pass the state exam? Only rely on yourself.

Advice 2 : How to prepare for your session

The session is always what we are expecting every six months, and what to prepare during the semester. At the same time - a natural disaster, sudden onset. Excellent, conscientiously preparing for exams, or a student who sits at the tutorials last night all excited before the session.
How to prepare for your session
You will need
  • - recording of lectures
  • tutorials
  • - additional literature
  • - clean notebook
Most importantly – relax.
Try to overcome your apprehension. Set yourself up for a successful exam. Say to yourself: "I know everything. I'll tell you." Try to think about what the examiner will be friendly, and the ticket will get the one you know best.
Make a plan for exam preparation.
Distribute in advance (about 4-5 days before the exam), at which time you will be looking for material to prepare, how many questions at once will work. The plan will help to organize your preparation.
Make advanced plans to answer each question.
After you read the answer to any question, it is recommended to the best of his memory in a separate notebook to write extended outline. Do not be lazy to do this, as this begins to work, motor memory, visual, and it makes training more productive.
Training should start with those questions that seem most difficult. This will increase the likelihood that you'll work on each of the tickets. It will also improve your mental state after the end of exam preparation, as complex issues will be left behind.
When preparing, use only records with lectures and information from the Internet, but also work in the library. The source is always more valuable. There you can find any quotes, rare materials, documents, additional information that will play in your favor in the exam.
There are always questions, the answers to which, we believe, know best. But often the exam is that we know the issue superficially, and some rather important details are not paid attention.

Don't neglect the opportunity to address these issues and create a detailed plan of response.
After plans were made for all questions, relax. And about two days before the exam, review your notes. You still have time to adjust, if you need something to Supplement or clarify.
Not worth as stimulators of brain activity, excessive use of coffee, strong tea, and use special medication. This will not only not help, but hurt your nervous and cardiovascular system.

Often students are once again the most complex issues in the morning, before the exam, begin to review the material. Thus it focuses on the last thing you read, and yesterday's training goes by the wayside.

Don't leave without preparation, no question.
Useful advice
During the exam preparation always take breaks. Take a walk, do exercises, drink a Cup of tea – it will give you strength for further work.

Sleep well the last night before the exam. It will help to gain strength and you will not doze off in front of the teacher.

Have Breakfast before the exam. It might just be a Cup of tea with biscuits, but carbohydrates are your brain, you get.

Efficient to study together with a friend, discussing some disputed issues, and to complement each other when you paraphrase material.

Advice 3 : How to pass the state examinations in the Institute

Five years of study in the Institute behind, and only a few steps to get qualification of specialist or master in a chosen professional direction. State examination is always exciting, regardless of the level of student because it is necessary to be armed with some tips for passing the state examination in the Institute.
How to pass the state examinations in the Institute
To get a great score on passing the exam, must as soon as possible to start training. The exam covers several core subjects on the specialty, the number of questions which is over a hundred. Of course, with this volume of material to handle is not easy, especially in the last days of preparation. But if competently to allocate time from the first day, as soon as published head of the Department a list of questions to the state exam, there is a huge chance not just to understand the material, but also learn key points.
The use of Cribs is not forbidden in that case, if you have manual dexterity and will be able to get out of the pocket of your jacket or pants information. Now technological progress has been particularly developed, so there are a lot of mobile devices for cheating. But the certification Commission does not sleep. For example, many institutions prohibit to bring a mobile phone, not to mention modern smartphones.
Also note that the teachers taking the state exam, while learning already have the impression about the abilities of the student. Therefore, if a hard-core Trinitarian says five, this circumstance may cause them to have suspicion of cheating. You need to be prepared to answer additional questions and for this it is desirable to learn some complex set of material to show off their knowledge on the exam and to plunge into culture shock distrustful of teachers.

Advice 4 : How to pass examinations in Institute

The last bell has rung, handed final exams, and just passed prom. Guess the most important life events of yesterday's school children are already behind. But it's still early to relax. Ahead entrance examinations in the Institute and their successful completion will depend on the fate of graduates.
How to pass examinations in Institute
You will need
  • the results of the exam, chocolate, crib
If the UNIVERSITY is already selected, you need to call the admissions office and ask what documents are required for enrolment, as well as to know the list of alleged examinations.
Confident exams can promise the experts of the preparatory Department for entrants. Program preparation of students for the duration of each Institutee different: one is enough for half a year to prepare high school students for the tests specified for the particular College in another year, in the third month. The effectiveness of such programs must be commensurate with the abilities of the student. If he quickly grasps the material, and he in core subjects good grades, and you can save money home budget, sending the future of the applicant to a reduced program of preparation for entrance exams.
In some of the Institutes for admission is sufficient to bring the results of the exam. Based on the limit of counted scores of a single exam, a verdict – whether the enrolled student to the University or not.
Before the big day of entrance exam, applicant needs to sleep well. On the upcoming sleep to repeat the material and could fall asleep. Then the next morning the head is clear and thoughts will not tangle. No one encourages the presence of cheat sheets, but no one can and forbid them. In the end, to err is always possible, but to use a hint during the exam – it is at the discretion of the entrant. Also before the exam it is recommended to eat chocolate. Chocolate has nutritional properties that stimulate the brain.

Advice 5 : How to pass the exam in the University

In today's world of youth, one of the main "problems" is the session in the University. Not handed over examinations threatening expulsion, and some students subsequent service in the army. The exam in University is an important and serious matter that puts stress on virtually every student, even a student of the course. The principles and conditions for passing all the exams are similar, even in completely different disciplines.
How to pass the exam in the University
You will need
  • Clean notebook
  • Handle
  • Lectures
  • Textbooks
A good night's sleep. Unplug the phone and the Internet. Rewrite the lectures slowly and carefully, trying to delve into the essence. It is advisable to do it in complete silence or with soft music.
Re-read what you wrote. Find obscure words and definitions, look in textbooks and manuals. Write down these definitions, trying to remember the meanings of words.
Set aside some time written lectures. Take the tutorial. Select it with the pencil key tags. They should help you to build up a picture of the subject as a whole and make its structure. It will be easier to navigate when answering questions.
How to pass the exam in <strong>University</strong>
Take a clean notebook. Write down the main points of her lectures, the tags from the textbook and definitions rewritten in the second step. It will be a kind of crib that you may repeat the material directly before the exam.
Take lecture notebook, try themselves to "chase" all the main points and definitions. Teach at random any issue of covered material. Go to bed early. Rising in the morning, using a kind of cheat sheets, repeat the entire course material.

Advice 6 : How to teach Gosy

A state examination at the University or College is important and inevitable. To avoid stress, preparing for Gosam must be thorough, serious and thoughtful.
How to teach Gosy
For effective preparation to the state examination in advance, make a study plan and follow it precisely. Best of all, the time remaining until the exam is divided into 2 periods. And every period get to know all of the material, the only difference is that the first time you see all the questions, and the last clip. This will allow you to minimize the burden and distribute it evenly over the entire pre-examination period.
Correct and reasonable allocation of time in the development of the necessary material already sets a certain mood to the whole process of training. Try to keep this pace up until the day of delivery Gosov. Thus, it will give the opportunity to avoid psychological pressure in the last days before exams, and the day before you only need to repeat the most difficult topics and questions.
Don't try to cram complex topics. Information must be meaningful, otherwise any excitement can cause you will not be able to reproduce material that has spent a lot of time and effort. And studied and mastered the issues, even under stress, you can logically build and explain.
Take 15-20 minute breaks between classes. This time will be devoted to active exercise, Jogging or walking. This will help to make the learning process more effective. Keep yourself in a good mood. Pay to sleep in a reasonable amount of time. A proper diet rich in trace elements and vitamins is the key to successful activities of your brain.
Do not get carried away with excessive use of coffee, energy drinks, and even more stimulating medicines. It will not have the desired effect, but on the contrary will increase nervous tension.
Don't waste time on writing instruction. Believe in own forces and knowledge.
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