You will need
  • a list of the exam questions
  • educational literature
Set yourself up for serious work. The main thing is to overcome my laziness and unwillingness to comprehend the material. Even the most complex subject you can master in a certain mood. This requires the will, commitment and perseverance. Therefore, cultivate in yourself a confidence that you will easily cope with the development of any issue. By the way, this quality will serve you well in life and in the future. Only it should not be confused with overconfidence.
Collect textbooks, which you will qualify. Let this be a small number of publications. Only two or three. And it is desirable that they were from a list recommended by the faculty examination Board. It would be nice to have lectures on subjects of state examination. But we should remember that it is only a brief summary of what I want to hear from you. For quality training, a deeper study of the material. Try not to use variety of ready-made Cribs, and brief lectures that fill the Internet and bookstore shelves. There may be many inaccuracies, but the volume of material is not enough for a successful response to the exam.
Check out the program state exam. It will be for you to plan your training.
You can now proceed directly to the study disciplines included in the program. In selected textbooks find those topics which it contains.
For each question highlight the most important thing. For better memorization can write some phrases and keywords, create your logical schema. Rest assured that your efforts will not be in vain. Understand the meaning of key terms for each subject. Those who can't remember, write it down.
When the material is fully understood, re-read your notes. If you can't remember, refer again to the textbooks.
The day before the exam try to rest and sleep. Do not worry unnecessarily, because you are well prepared, and you will succeed.