You will need
  • - Books;
  • - summaries;
  • "hvostova";
  • - gradebook.
Find out the date of the retake. If you do not pass the test or examination in any discipline, don't despair – you can always try again. The first thing you need to do is to know the date of the retake. As a rule, the teacher tells the student when waiting for him to repeat his subject, but better to check with a cherished date in the Dean's office and from time to time to monitor the Board – repeating frequently transferred. In order for a student time to prepare to re-take a test conducted not earlier than one week after the first, so the preparation time you definitely will.
Use all attempts. As a rule, every student can retake the same discipline three times. If the third time to receive credit or evaluation failed, you will face expulsion for academic failure. So if you do not pass the subject at the second attempt, as can more serious approach to training, as another chance to continue their education in high school, you may not be.
You will get "hostovce" in the Dean's office. "Hvostova" is a special document that the teacher fills in the retake. The first time the document to fill is the statement where the tabulated results of the examination or test, but the results of the second and third retests are recorded in the examination sheet or the so-called "postavkah" that will be given to the Dean, to read the rating. Remember that after the retake, the teacher is not obliged to notify the Dean's office about how you passed him the discipline or not.
Try to negotiate with the teacher about "intermediate" mulligans. According to the rules of the Universities, the student is given only three attempts to receive credit or grades, but sometimes teachers go forward and allow the student to come to them with the same "khvostovoy" until then, until the latter achieved success. Of course, the teacher is not interested in your further training, so count on his kindness should not – try to get the subject properly. However, if all attempts are exhausted, don't give up and try to get the teacher of another retake.
Be prepared to lose scholarships and other benefits. If you are unable to donate at least one item the second time, you lose the right to receive scholarship and other benefits provided by the rules of your University, regardless of whether you have the rating "satisfactory" or session put on "good" and "excellent".