The majority of cooks know that the smell of fish will lose in the fight with lemon juice: this citrus fruit is able to destroy it completely. Wipe your cutting Board or bowl with a slice of lemon, squeeze the juice on your hands. By the way, towels after washing too rinse in water with lemon juice.
With the smell of fish will cope and vinegar. You need to add a spoon of this product (70%) in a liter of water and rinse with this water to your dishes. While Apple cider vinegar will add more light pleasant scent.
If you can not get rid of the smell on his hands (as he is known, will remain on each towel and appliances that you offer the household), brush your hands with sunflower or olive oil, RUB slightly and rinse with warm water and soap. The unpleasant smell should disappear.
Many people use dry mustard or salt – it is necessary to RUB slightly wet the dishes, rinse with warm water and then rinse. However, coarse sea salt can damage the coating on your pans, so that delicate surfaces it is better to use another method.
If your dishes are not gives much fish, try to rinse first in cold water with your detergent and then in hot. You can wipe the plates potato peelings, or simply grated raw potatoes, try to rinse the instruments strong tea, which is a few days.
To kill fish smell in the room you can smell coffee beans, toasted in a skillet. Also try using garlic while cooking, place it in the pan. To help cope with the smell of fish and Bay leaf.