An unpleasant odor from the female genitalia: genital infections

The odor of fish from the vagina in women women usually indicates the reproduction of colon Bacillus, staphylococci, streptococci and other microorganisms. Discomfort in the vaginal area, combined with a bad smell can indicate infection genital infection such as Trichomonas, gonococci, chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma.
After confirmation of the diagnosis need to notify all its partners and advise them to visit the doctor-venereologist.

This can be observed and other symptoms:
- profuse discharge from the vagina;
- a burning sensation;
- itching;
- puffiness;
- redness of the labia;
- difficulties during urination;
- pain during sex or after it.

Often the symptoms of one of the above infections can be noticed immediately. Sometimes clinical manifestations of the disease and the appearance of "fish" smell after infection, it may take several months. So if you have recently had a few sexual partners, you will be very difficult to establish a carrier of the infection.

The smell of fish from female genital: gynecological diseases

In gynecological practice are very common diseases that are accompanied by the odor of fish:

Gardnerellosis (bacterial vaginosis). This disease, caused by bacteria of the Gardnerella. It is accompanied by the appearance of foam or liquid secretions of gray/greenish color. Such allocation have sharp and irregular "fish" smell. In addition, gardnerellosis when there is irritation of the labia.

Vaginal candidiasis ("thrush"). The cause of this disease is yeast fungus candida. Candidiasis in the vagina also smells fishy. In addition, there is a secret white with dense curd structure.
Also possible is a strong burning and itching, worse in the evening.

The neglect of these treatment or incomplete therapy can cause the development of endometritis or oophoritis. In addition, the above-mentioned microorganisms have an impact on the reproductive function of the female body.

For example, a chronic form of gardnerellosis able to significantly impede the possibility of conception. Furthermore, suffering from such a disease a woman harder to bear fruit. Also, there are miscarriages in early pregnancy and premature birth.

The smell of fish from the male genitals

If consistent and proper hygiene dick smells like fish, it also indicates the presence of infection. Usually the cause of this unpleasant smell are anaerobic bacteria - Gardnerella, atopobium, mobiluncus.

Man can become infected during unprotected sex with a carrier of the infection. The above-mentioned bacteria men cause anaerobic balanoposthitis.

Diagnosis and treatment

If the discharge from the genitals smell like fish, the first thing you need to address to the venereologist. Treatment of diseases in which there is a "fish" smell, begin with the identification of the pathogen. To do this, doctors prescribe blood tests, PAP smear, bacterial inoculation. Based on the obtained results, the doctor-the doctor prescribes the patient, local agents, antibiotics, immunomodulators, vitamin C, vitamin complexes.

With timely treatment you can get rid of the odor and diseases that triggered it for 2-4 weeks. But the treatment of the chronic stage of the disease takes much more time.