Be sure to take a second battery for the camera and spare tapes or Flash memory cards. Graduation usually lasts long enough if you are going to remove not only the ceremonial part of graduation.
At the time of graduation must be removed each graduate: his announcement on stage, the excavation, presentation, applause, congratulations. This is the main part of the prom.
Remove both stationary and in motion. For example, building is better off standing still with a tripod. You need to find a convenient point, by which the column will pass all graduates. Do not turn off the camera until the last man. Can with the camera to complete the series if the graduates are in place. Feel free to move, to approach, to move the camera.
He prom usually happens during night time. So it would be nice to have the backlight for the camera, not built-in and external professional. Bright lighting will make the picture clear, sharp and will not miss a single detail.
Dilute his film close-UPS of pupils and teachers, as well as scenes in the school hallways, in the cafeteria, in the schoolyard. In the future these points very well can be beat in the film.
Remove the graduates dancing at the ball as if you behave. Walk between the guys pull out their faces (you can slightly shake the camera) and then step aside for shooting.
It is recommended to remove the sunrise in advance, preferably from the same point, where he will meet graduates. The camera is mounted on a tripod. Start off with the first rays, and as long as the sun is fully risen above the horizon.
How to remove the exhaust