You will need
  • - large mirror
  • - 2 sheets of paper
  • - handle
Realize its advantages. Do you consider yourself the prettiest girl in class? If not, think about its merits. Write them on a separate sheet of paper. Within a few days, talk to loved ones that they like most of your looks, style, ability to stay. Think of how you can emphasize your strengths.
Develop charisma. It often happens that the Queen of the class is considered to be not the girl with the most attractive appearance, and the most active, gregarious, confident. Surrounding perceive it as a fashionable, stylish, and therefore beautiful.
Try to "get into the stream" or accentuate your style. Several confident classmates created a fashion in the classroom. If you don't like them, focus on their individuality and do not be afraid. If fashion works for you, use this. It's even easier. After all, you already think is beautiful.
Armed with support from senior. If something goes wrong and you feel that you can not conquer the peak, share your problem with a senior. It may be mother, sister, aunt, neighbor, teacher, or school psychologist.
Done with "shortcomings." Write down on paper all that you consider the disadvantages of their appearance. Rate them on two criteria: objectivity and the possibility of correction. For example, the item "skin problems". Maybe you only think that skin something wrong? No? This deficiency can be corrected. Ask your mom to take you to the beautician, pick up medical cosmetics, learn how to use the masking means.
Another example. You think you have ugly nose. This is a subjective assessment. Most likely, someone once told you about it. Why do you believe him? What were his motives? Maybe he just wanted to assert themselves at your expense (he has the nose is a different shape). Remember, that like one is bad for others and Vice versa.
Make friends with your competitors. If your class is already a recognized beauty, and you fear that you will not be able to overtake her, try to become her friend. Part of her glory and get you. About you will say "beautiful girls", "best girl in our class." And don't forget, beauty is largely determined by personal qualities.
Learn to care for themselves. Beauty should be supported. Proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, sport help look good. Smoking, alcohol, nights at the computer spoil your beauty. Learn to make a harmonious makeup, nice neat hair and properly treat their appearance.