One of the types of albums that you can order in any photo salon - a traditional photobook. In her photos of children are interspersed with requests from teachers and poems about school. Opens the book the, made in the first class and finishes overall graduation photo. Photos framed in frames of autumn leaves, or school supplies (such a framework-many templates online, and to find the right not make special work).
If you want to get the album, you can make a fun journal. It is not necessary to take photographs of each graduate a separate page, here important live, frivolous, cheerful pictures: here Masha throws up yellow leaves, and Kohl's, for example, celebrates victory in the competition. You can make a few photo collages that reflect the faith of the children in a good, kind, successful future: everyone is in clothing or object that characterizes a profession (Vanya with a keyboard under his arm, and Natasha with a pointer and a biology textbook). Welcome pictures from school activities – sports, competitions, Kvny, discos, theatrical productions. Variants of signatures – funny phrases from the lessons, comic promises from everyone: "But in the future I will...".
If you want to place the information on each graduate, it is possible to compose the album for the person: each page is a photograph of the graduate to his full height and two small characterizing Hobbies or life position eleventh. Here is information about each of them: name, surname, ICQ number, email address, Hobbies, a small feature on behalf of the teachers. At the bottom of each page you can place the aphorism about life or about how to do things.
For the refined natures or graduates of art schools or classes suitable option of creative album. On its formation will have to work hard to all, because everything will be hand - scanned and processed records greetings, confessions of love to teachers, notes, "about," "my dreams" drawings in the margins of notebooks and wishes classmates, blots from the books and records of the class teacher in the diaries. Photos of each graduate can be in two formats: a seven year old timid first grader with flowers, portfolio back and graduate, serious and confident. After many years it will be interesting to open it and look how different the handwriting, as far as true instruction, wishes and dreams.