Before buying material for decoration of the hall, you must immediately think of, if not the entire concept, then at least the General plan of decoration. Decide the main color scheme. You must have one primary and a couple of extra tones. Overly colorful decoration looks tacky. To create a holiday atmosphere by using vivid details. They put the necessary emphasis. Of course, hall decoration depends on many factors. You need to consider the budget to match the decor with the holiday program, to determine the room.

If you need to decorate a hall for congratulations and awarding of certificates, and a separate restaurant, both rooms will require different materials. If everything will be in one place, OR you need to arrange just the reception, makes the task easier.


Make a big batch of balloons for decoration. Of them it is possible to build columns, through which will pass the graduates. To create them you will only need the solid wire, which will serve as a frame. The remaining balls if they are filled with helium, can be positioned on the ceiling. Threads hang the cardboard numbers: threes, fours, fives.

Since prom is an evening of farewell to the school, it would be nice to refresh memories spent in it. Print photos from memorable moments of the life of each of the graduates and their classes. Make several large photos and hang them on the walls. It's a good alternative to bored posters.

If the gala dinner will be held at a cafe or restaurant, its decoration will be limited to the same balls and a couple of unusual items on the tables. In the case where the reception organized on their own, will have to make more of an effort. Buy fabric to withstand the room in a single color. It drape the window and cover the tables. To make the cushion chairs that do the same rectangular piece of fabric and sew the tape to their sides. Now put them on the seat and back tie bows.

On each table place a bundle of balloons or put unusual lamps. Need to pay tribute to nostalgia. Make a large cardboard heart, glue it to paper pockets and put it on the output. Let the students write their teachers notes of thanks and wishes.

By the way, the cardboard scenery can serve as a basis to decorate the hall. If at the buffet only one class, you can print out large silhouettes of famous people and stick to them the faces of the graduates. It will kind of look into the future. Try not to be trite, because this day is for children never to be repeated.