You will need
  • - outfit;
  • - hair;
  • makeup.
Look at the graduates of the proposed models of dresses and costumes. Pick the outfit romantic and stylish, feminine and delicate. The most beautiful graduate should not be vulgar and tasteless. If you don't have enough money for high quality sewn outfit, simply rent it. No need to buy cheap and ill-fitting thing, because the memory of this evening will last a lifetime in photos.
Beauty depends on health, so long before the prom to properly distribute their forces in preparation for the exams. From fatigue can fall out and fade hair, skin too spoils, in this state you cannot be the most beautiful. Pursuing their studies, do not cease to pay attention to their appearance.
Go to a beauty salon and consult what procedures need to your skin and hair, what tools will help solve your problems. Visit your GP and ask them to give you advice on how to prepare for exams, what vitamins and medications will help you with this.
Be confident in your beauty and strength, you're doing it right! Get support of parents, because family relationships also play an important role in preparation for the prom. Consult with them if you feel difficulty, feel free to ask for help. No job all on your shoulders, yet you do yourself and exams, mom can go shopping and look at the models outfits, compare prices.
She can negotiate with the master-Barber to get my hair done at home, after all the fuss and trips to the salon can prevent to be prepared 100%. Makeup is also best left to professionals, then you will strike all with its beauty and becomes the Belle of the ball.
So, to be the most beautiful at the prom, you need to start preparing in advance to take care of your health, pick up a stylish dress to have good relations in the family and entrust their hair and face experts.