You will need
  • The phone connected to the MTS
For the settings of MMS messages, the Android operating system (HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, etc.) in the menu of the mobile phone in order to activate settings of "setting" – "Wireless & networks" – "access Points to the Internet" – "Create APN".
For the settings of MMS messages in iOS (iPhone and iPad) in the menu of the mobile phone should find the "Settings" - "General" - "Network" - "Cellular data network". Settings access point settings (APN) must be set as follows:; login – mts; password – mts; proxy - The numbers are written in one line.
To settings MMS messages in the operating system, other phones will need to go to the main menu to "Settings" and create a new access point for such settings: profile name/Profile name – mms mts; start page/Homepage - http://mmsc; channel data/Data bearer – GPRS; access point/APN; address IP-Protocol/IP address -; WAP Port (WAP 1.x) – 9201; WAP Port (WAP 2.0) - 9201(8080); username/User name – mts; password/Password – mts. The number of settings and their names depend on the model of the mobile phone.
Then the tariff plans Red Energy and Maxi Plus, as well as all the VIP tariff plans can activate the option "Unlimited SMS and MMS" (the daily fee is 10 rubles), and on the tariff plans "MAXI", "MAXI One", "Active Maxi", "Maxi Plus", "Maxi Plus", "Maxi Super", "Long conversations", "Many calls", "a Lot of calls+", "a Lot of calls to all networks", "RED Energy", "Super Zero", "Red New" "One.<url>", "Girlfriend", "Calculating", "Super first", "First", "Free", "WE", "Onlayner", "Super Onlayner" and all of the tariffs "Pro" - the option of MMS+", giving a discount of 50 % from cost of an outgoing multimedia message to MTS subscribers in all regions of our country.