Advice 1: How to get mms to MTS

Today it is difficult to imagine life without the use of cellular communication – using the phone you can solve working questions, to arrange an important meeting, to call my parents in another city or just to chat with each other. With the advent of MMS services, it became possible to send photos, pictures, sound files, animation, formatted text, and video files from one mobile phone to another. To set your phone to send and receive MMS, just follow some simple steps.
How to get mms to MTS
You will need
  • - Cell phone that supports MMS/GPRS
Purchase mobile phone supporting the service multimedia messaging (MMS) and GPRS service.
Activate the GPRS service (mobile Internet) on their own, using the "Mobile helper", "Internet helper" or at any customer service center MTS. You can also call from your mobile phone by dialing *111*18# and get the settings from the operator. After turning this service on your phone screen will appear the letter G or GPRS inscription.
Configure MMS service in one of the following ways:- send SMS to number 1234;
- call from mobile phone to the short number 0876;
- load the settings from the website of MTS ( via an SMS message;
- enter settings manually.If you ordered the settings via SMS message, phone or from the website – wait for the message with the MMS settings and save them.
Save the settings and send a test picture message to another phone. If all goes well, the service is activated and now you can send and receive MMS messages.
To view the MMS message, it is enough to just open or follow the link provided in the SMS message.
There are cases when instead of a reference to a multimedia message on the Internet fraudsters send files infected with dangerous viruses that can damage the phone's operating system or computer. So if the link itself or the number from which it was sent, makes you doubt, such a message should delete it.
Useful advice
To receive MMS you can also on mobile phones which don't support MMS service. In this case, the subscriber will receive an SMS message with the WAP link to the Internet resource, which contains the submitted multimedia message.
MTS subscribers can also send and receive multimedia messages to and from subscribers of other mobile operators.

Advice 2 : How to send mms to MTS

The MMS service enables to send not only text message but also images, music and large amount of text. There are many ways both paid and free, to send MMS to MTS, you only need to choose the most convenient.
How to send mms to MTS
You will need
  • phone;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Send MMS to MTS by phone. For this, you need to configure your mobile phone access the Internet and MMS service. For this you need to call 111 and follow the instructions of the voice message. Go to "Services", select "MMS" and enter the model of your phone. After that will come service message with the tinctures you want to keep.
Just click on the appropriate button. In a similar way, configure the Internet or WAP. Next, locate the phone option "Create MMS". Form message and click "Send" and select the mobile operator "MTS". If you often use the MMS service, you can contact the operator and connect to your tariff plan special packages for these communications, which will significantly reduce your costs.
Use the special form for sending MMS on the website of the company "MTS". For the Russian callers need to follow the link and for the people of Ukraine – the link Next, select the message header, enter the text and attach the proposed or download your media file.
Then specify the phone number of the recipient and of the sender and click "Next". You will come to the phone an SMS message with a confirmation code that must be entered in the appropriate field. Click "Send". Subscribers of MTS Ukraine can send messages anonymously, but only 10 MMS from the same IP address per day.
Download on the website of the company "MTS" the link software services "SMS/MMS from your computer." Install it on your personal computer and integrate with your phone number. Start the function "Send MMS", create a message and specify a MTS the subscriber number. The price depends on the tariff package.

Advice 3 : How to get MMS to MTS Ukraine

MMS messages intended to be sent through mobile communication multimedia files such as images, data directories or large amounts of text. To be able receive these messages, you must configure your mobile phone.
How to get MMS to MTS Ukraine
You will need
  • - mobile phone support MMS;
  • - a computer with Internet access.
Configure the phone to receive MMS messages. To do this, first activate the service, dial the combination *109*210# and press the call button. Or atrevete message to the number 1040001. This service is free. Activation of MMS will be held during the day.
Customize your phone to receive the MMS message in the MTS-Ukraine. To receive automatic settings send SMS message to the number 1020, in the text, specify number 2. To manually configure MMS on your phone, go to select your phone model or operating system, if you use a smartphone, and enter settings based on the recommendations on the website.
Follow these steps if your phone service does not support MMS messages. In this case, when your number will be sent such a message, you will receive an SMS containing a special code. To view MMS message, use the "My MMS", it allows you to view all incoming MMS messages, if sending to phone failed. To do this, click on the following link
Open the SMS message that you received, it will contain approximately such a text "You have received a MMS, you can get it on the website". This service will be valid for three days after receiving SMS. Enter your phone number in the format 380######### in the MSISDN field in the "ID message" enter the password you received in the SMS message.
After entering all necessary information click "go to album". The screen will display the MMS sent to you, which you can save to your computer. This way you will be able to receive the MMS message if there is no possibility to view it on the phone.

Advice 4 : How to set MMS to MTS

Now the operator MTS provides an opportunity to its subscribers to exchange MMS. And to configure and delight your friends and family videos and photos, you need to know what operating system is on your phone.


To configure MMS on Android

To setup mms on Android is very simple. Go to your phone menu and click the option "Settings". Select "Wireless & networks", then go to "access Point" and create a new APN connection.

To configure MMS on iOS

Such a system most often is on the iPad and iPhone. To configure settings for sending MMS go to menu, then to settings, then "General" and "Network". Next, click on "Cellular network". Enter access point (APN): username and password – mts, proxy server and port 8080.

Configuration on other systems

For other devices, you also need to find settings section. Find the network and create a new connection. List the name, address, home page – http//:mmsc, data bearer – GPRS, access point – Protocol The user name and password in both cases mts.

Setting up MMS automatically

To receive automatic mms settings send an sms to number 1234. You can call the phone number 0876. In a few moments will do the settings that you want just keep.

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