Use the service Locator to find a person by phone. Note that it requires permission of the subscriber. To contact the person and ask permission to determine its location, send a free TEXT message with his name and phone to the short number 6677. If the subscriber will receive an invitation and respond to it by agreeing, you will be able to see his approximate coordinates of the stay. In the future you will be able to find the location of the person without his consent. Just send a message with the word "WHERE" and the subscriber's name in the Latin alphabet to number 6677 query Cost is 10 rubles.
If you want to know where your kids are, use the option "Child monitor". With your child's phone send a free SMS message with the text "MOM" or "DAD" to the number 7788, and then follow the system instructions. So you will be able to know the whereabouts of the child and to see it on the map. The service is free during the first two weeks of use, after which monthly subscription fee will be 50 rubles. For three family members set unlimited number of queries to determine the location of the child. The rest of the family can submit a request for the price of 5 rubles.
Apply service "Mobile team", if you want to know where is your staff. Send a request to your personal Manager of MTS, including in it a list of names of employees and numbers corporate phone to connect to a single system. So you will be able to track the movement of employees and transport of your company on the phone and the devices with GPS function. Paid service "Mobile employees" are monthly bills for corporate services. Economic efficiency becomes the option when creating separate accounts.