What should be the ball gown

The spectators who came to the tournament, see the abundance of original dance outfits. Attracts the attention of a variety of styles and colors. Despite the variety of ball patterns, they must meet the standard set for competition costumes.

European programme partner dancing in a long dress. It should not be easy, but not slutty. Beauty, elegance, romance – these are the criteria that must be met by the outfit. When developing the costume design, it is necessary to consider that the partner is almost always turned to the audience back.

Latin dances are performed in a dress with short or medium length skirt. Allowed a suit of skirt and tube top. The main task of the Latin American outfit is to emphasize the dynamics and sexuality of the dance, so it needs to be open (but no more than allowed by the rules) and comfortable.

The basis of any dress is a bathing suit, which is stitched to the skirt and jewelry. For the first tournaments, you can sew a dress yourself. The base of the dress is sewn from a stretchy material supplex, which is difficult to work, requires certain skills.

Sewing ball gown costume

Start to sew a ball dress with leotard (pants), followed by the bodice, the next step is sewing the skirt. Stitched items to be collected: pricecat the bodice to the skirt, this must be done carefully so no stitches to be seen. Dress should have a good fit, do not hamper movement, because it will have to do the stretch.

Can you handle the top edge of the skirt ralicom and sew the bathing suit, use a seam "zigzag" or pritchet on hand. The waist tend to make low, to bring the shape to the standards of the "Golden section". Sew to the dress pants. If the basis is a bathing suit, sew it to the skirt.

The cutouts for the legs in panties insert the elastic in the seam pahovom make the clasp (button). To sew the bodice cups, straps. Complete the work on the dress its decoration. The stones and ornaments securely sew to at the most inopportune moment.

Joints good treat, they should not RUB a body professionals treat the seams on the clocks the car, but you can do a simple household sewing machine, if it performs operations such as "zigzag", "home serger". Pay special attention to the quality of the seams, they must be flexible and durable.

The bottom of the suit, depending on the material from which it is made, can be processed on a serger or compact with regelin. Option rough cut, if it is not twisted.