You will need
  • You'll need to write the application, collect the documents and pass them to a special Department of administration in your city or area.
What is this program. This program is government subsidies (mortgage program) which is designed specifically for young families. Young – not the experience of common life, and by age of the spouses. If your age and the age of your husband does not exceed 25 years, then your family is considered "young".
How and what to collect documents. In fact, documents have to collect a lot. It must be documents that prove that you are a young family that you need of better housing conditions and a long list of all kinds of evidence. Easier to download this list or from the administration or from big real estate agencies.
The next stage is submitting your documents for consideration. In this case you can go two ways: either to surrender their documents under the bill, the realtor, and then he will deal with the passing instances, or to pass on their own in a special Department of the administration of the city/region.
The review period is divided into two stages. The first stage of expectation is short: the Board will review your documents and make a decision about whether or not your family "the Young family". If not – re-apply makes no sense, they will not be considered. If Yes – it's all right, comes the second stage, and it can be very long.
You, along with other "young families" put in queueand you will have to wait until she comes up to you.
The turn came. Time passed, and you said that was your turn. Go to the Bank and make the mortgage.