First contact the district administration at the place of permanent residence. There you can get advice from our qualified staff, as well as a list of documents that need to provide for participation in the program. Keep in mind that at least one of the spouses of your family should be less than 35 years, only then you are eligible to participate in the program.
Prepare and give to the local government required documents: application for participation in the program; the passport of the spouse and spouse; marriage certificate; a certificate confirming the fact that your family needs improvement of living conditions. You will also need a document proof of your family has cash to pay for the part of the living space, which does not provide subsidy. Remember that the certificate issued to families in which one member has less than 9 meters of living space.
Wait for 10 working days during which members of the administration will check the information you provide and will decide on the recognition or refusal to participate in the program. Will notify you about this written message.
Now, when you stood in line for a certificate for housing, you have to expect. Each year, the regional Fund together with the administration to give a certain amount of housing certificates. Their exact number is impossible to figure out beforehand since they are unknown by the bodies of internal control.
Be patient, as the queue for the certificate you may have to stand for more than one year. But when you receive it, not less than 35% of the estimated value of your future home will pay the state. This figure will be calculated 40%, if your family already had children. The same conditions apply for single-parent families consisting of one parent and the child.