Scheme and a set of documents for entry into the program "Young family" adopted at the state level, but, due to the fact that allowed regional variations, there may be individual variation. It all depends on what the subject of the Russian Federation are candidates for it.
The original document for future program participants of their application, completed in duplicate according to the pattern drawn up and received by the local authority. And one of them remains in the hands of the applicant persons in certified form. Also requires the submission of official documents for adults and children, members of the family – a Russian passport and birth certificate (don't forget clear photocopy") and marriage certificate (again you need copies).
Then the necessary documentary evidence that a young family needs improvement of living conditions. It would seem, is not entirely clear what kind of documents? Again, the first thing to obtain clear advice in the local administration, but commonly that assurance about the absence of ownership of residential or commercial premises, land. You can get them in a municipal government of inventory, BTI, the land resources Committee and other proprietary institutions. Evidence of need in the status of "Young family" is also information about the ownership of less than 18 square meters per family member.
It is important and the financial possibilities of the family, which in the future will be required to pay the estimated average cost of housing in excess of the amount requested from the grant. This is a standard statement of account issued by the Bank, help at the place of work of the standard W-2 and other documents required to prove the regularity of income and the possibility of making further payments.
Do not forget that the applicants will need to formally prove the fact of registration since the last 11 in the area where you intend to apply for further participation in the program. Do not be afraid in advance if such a certificate has only one member of the family, as it can act as a feeder entity.
It was after checking all the above and possible requested additional inquiries, the local administration and will be able to make a decision on awarding the applicants the status of "Young family". Sometimes this process can take several weeks or even months, as officials will pay great attention to the reliability of the information. An official response is sent to the postal address of the place of registration of the supply.