You will need
  • -passport
  • -a certificate of registration for 5 years
  • the act of examination of housing or a certificate that accommodation is not at all
  • -income statement
  • -copies of labor books
  • -birth certificate (if you have children)
  • -in each individual case may require additional documents
For raising your family on a place write the application and contact the local administration to the Department of youth Affairs.
To your family put in place, you need to produce documents that the family needs improvement of living conditions, has no housing and is very poor. Because the turn put only this category of citizens.
You must provide a certificate of inspection of living space, or a certificate stating that you do not have housing and are not a family member of the owner or tenant.
You will also need proof of income of both spouses, and if they live with their parents, the income certificate of the parents.
The standards of housing, as well as the definition of malayawata in each subject of the Russian Federation may be different. So first ask, what are the measurements of the criteria in your area.
After processing your documents, your family put on the waiting list or denied.
When your family will be placed on the waiting list, you might be offered gratuitous grants for the purchase of housing. But the subsidy covers only part of the cost, the remaining funds you will have to make for yourself or to issue them a loan. Families who have benefited from the subsidy, with the line on the housing is removed.