You will need
  • razor, shaving gel, depilatory cream,hot wax, mechanical epilator, laser/photo hair removal
The most common method of hair removal for women and men is the use of razor and foam or gel for shaving. However, if you shave chest hair, this method is not recommended. Despite the fact that shave off excess hair can be quite quickly and easily after shaving, they grow much faster and have a more rigid structure.
A more gentle and high-quality method of hair removal is depilatory cream. Apply the cream on the chest, wait a few minutes according to the instructions, and then a spatula that is included with the cream, remove it along with hair and rinse with water. After using the cream the hair grow much slower and their structure thins out and softens. Before use check if you are allergic to its components, causing the cream on a small area of the skin.
Another effective method of hair removal on the chest — a hot wax or wax strips that you can buy in any store. Apply wax on the skin, allow to dry and remove with a cloth.
In addition, you can buy in the hardware store the normal epilator and remove it using most of the hair so that they will not bother you any more during the whole month. The disadvantage of this method is a serious pain.
Finally, you can choose a laser or photo-epilation in a beauty salon. This method is extremely effective, the result is stored for a long time, and its only drawback — the high price of the procedure depilation.