You will need
  • - plastikovye bottles (Fanta)
  • - tin cans (condensed milk)
  • - two small piece of metal pipe
  • - cement mortar, sand or water
There are several ways to make dumbbells with your hands. We will first consider one that can carry the easiest. For this you will need empty plastic bottles (ideal bottles of Fanta, as they will be comfortable to hold in hand), water or sand, electronic scales, if you want to handle the weight of the dumbbell.
1. Pick up the bottles, carefully wash them, get rid of labels.

2. Fill bottles with sand (and water, but you will have to frequently change the contents).

3. Weigh the future of the dumbbell to adjust the weight by adding or subtracting sand (water).

4. Screw tight the bottle cap.

5. For security reasons, seal the lid with insulating tape.
Your dumbbells ready, you can test it during home workouts.
Using the following method you can do dumbbells, which will weigh much more than the dumbbells out of the bottles. Prepare the following materials: a pair tin cans (condensed milk, or similar), if you need large dumbbells - you can take cans of paint that exist in different sizes, a piece of metal pipe (about 20 cm) cement mortar.
Do dumbbells:
1. Take two jars, rinse and dry them.

2. Take a jar, fill it with cement mortar.

3. Insert one end of the metal pipe into the solution.

4. Keep a couple of minutes, until the solution begins to thicken, and the pipe will hold itself in an upright position.

5. Leave the next dumbbell up to complete solidification of the cement.

6. Fill with a solution of the second jar.

7. Paste the free end of the pipe, which filled the first jar.

8. Hold for a while.

9. Fix the tube in the desired position and leave until fully cured.
The manufacture of dumbbells with the latest way you will take more time, but they are very sturdy and comfortable.