You will need
  • - the application for dismissal;
  • - timely request;
  • - statement to the labour Inspectorate or in court.
So you paid the account in dismissal in a timely manner, please submit a statement about the dismissal within 14 days, if you are working on indefinite employment contract. If you arranged temporarily are part-time or are on a probationary term, notify your employer that you quit for three days.
By agreement with the employer, you can retire without working. Such an arrangement is not exempt from the timely payment of calculation. In payments required at termination, includes all current salary and other amounts due to you, as well as compensation for all unused vacation days. If you went on vacation, not having worked for 12 months and you have paid the holiday in full, the employer is entitled to deduct the entire overpayment amount from the calculation of accrued upon dismissal.
For timely payments upon termination you are obliged on the last working day to be in the enterprise. If your last day of working out is a weekend or national day, you can pay before or on the first working day after the weekend or holiday.
If you have not applied for calculation in a timely manner, this does not apply to violation of labor laws and the employer is not responsible for late payment. He must send you a written notification of the receipt of the full settlement and that you need to pick up the work book and other documents kept in the personnel Department.
If late payments you have the right to apply to the labour Inspectorate or in court. On the basis of your application you can get not only all of the payouts to put you at dismissaland compensation in the amount of 1/300 of the amount of calculation for each overdue day.