Take two identical gel pens. Remove the caps and cut off rear ends so that the length of each handle was 9 cm needle file or a file to file the bumps sawed off edges and sand the with sandpaper.
Now you will need the connecting element, fastening two handles one. To do this, take a durable pencil and saw off from it a short piece of 3 cm, or use a metal bolt with a length of 3 cm with cut and polished hat.
The connecting element should be of such thickness as to tightly fit in a hole sawn-off end of each handle.
Stick to the middle of the pencil or bolt into the hole with one hand and with the other hand slide the second handle. The sawed edges should meet in the center.
Take the narrow duct tape and tightly wrap the overlap to the center of the resulting handle, completely blocking the connecting element.
At this point, your pencil is ready to use for spinning, but you can bring the case to the end, making so that the handle can be used for the purpose intended.
Find two of the same gel rod suitable for your handle, cut them once with a utility knife to the length of the rods came new dimensions of your handles, insert the rods and screw the metal tips.
Wear on both the tip on the cap pre-cut clips and soshlifovat designated breaks.
Now you can write the resulting double-sided pen and make the pen spinning tricks.