When dividing a decimal to an integer is first divided whole part of the fraction (even if it is equal to zero), after she separated the response in a comma and continuing the division on.

Example 1: you need to divide 0,4 2, you need to first divide 0 by 2 turns 0, a comma, then by 2 divided by 4 comes out to 0.2.

Example 2: divided by 3.6 to 4. 3 to 4 is not divided, then the answer is 0 integers, then 4 divides 36, of 0.9 is obtained.
How to divide a fraction by an integer
When dividing fractions by whole numbers, he has placed the denominator unit. Further, the division sign is replaced by multiplication and the second fraction (our integer) turns, is cut. For example, you need to divide five-sixths five. that means five sixths divided by five, flips the fraction first five, becoming one-fifth. Next, cut five and it turns out the answer is: one-sixth. (see picture)
How to divide a fraction by an integer