If you divide a whole number to a decimal fraction you need in a column, it should start with bringing the dividend (that is, fractions) to an integer. To do this, first assign to delima (integer) on the right side the number of zeros equal to the number of decimal places in the divisor. Then remove the decimal point from the divisor. Obtained in this way two whole (natural) numbers can be divided in the usual way.
If it is sufficient to know the result of dividing the number by the decimal fraction, and the way in which this is done does not matter, it is possible, for example, to use the online calculator Google search engine. To do this, go to search engine and type in the entry field corresponding to a mathematical operation instead of a search query. For example, if you divide the number 84 523 decimal fraction 3,14159265 (the number PI), enter "84523 / 3.14159265". The search engine will calculate and present the result (26904.5065) directly, without pressing the button sending a request to the server.
If access to the Internet, you can use any calculator, including the operating system Windows. It can be launched from the main menu of the OS - click "start" button (or press the Windows key), go to "All programs", then expand the subsection "Standard", locate and click the string "Calculator." Is there another way to access the programs via the run dialog. Click on the "start" button, select "Run" or press WIN + R. Type in the dialog command calc and click the "OK" button. The result will see on the screen of the calculator interface most of the buttons which duplicate the corresponding buttons of the keyboard. All operations can be performed by clicking buttons with the mouse, or pressing the associated keyboard buttons.
Enter the dividend (whole number), then press a division - forward slash ("slash"). Then enter the divisor and press the equal sign. The calculator will calculate and present you the result of the division.