Typically, the most common fractions are wrong, and in this case they require specific action on the part of someone who decides examples and tasks with this fraction.
Take the tutorial to the task. Please read condition, reading it several times and go to solution. Let's see which fractions are to be solved action. This can be incorrect, correct or decimal fraction. Put the correct fractions in the wrong, but remember that to record all response actions will have to run back, already converting improper fraction to the correct. At common fraction the number above the fraction bar (the numerator) is always greater than the number below the line is denominator. To make the translation from proper fractions to improper follow the next steps.
Multiply the denominator by the integer and add the result to the numerator. For example, if a fraction of 2 integers 7/9, 9 must be multiplied by 2 and then add 7 to 18 - the end result will be 25/9.
Perform all necessary actions according to the task (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication) using the transformed fraction.Take your answer, it will need to be present in the fractions. To do this, divide the numerator by the denominator. For example, if you have to take the number 25/9 in a proper fraction, divide 25 by 9. As 25 9 not evenly divided, the answer is 2 and as many as seven (numerator) ninth (denominator). Now obtained the proper fraction, where the numerator more than the denominator and a part of it.
Record the response task correct fraction. Check your action, if it requires the condition to do task or teacher.