In family life, when children have planned and waited a long time, there is no need long to think of a way to tell her husband about the pregnancy. You can tell the good news in the evening, alone, having a little romantic dinner with wine for him and juice for you. When the husband asks the reason, you can tell us about the upcoming replenishment in the family.
But the situation is quite different when the pregnancy is sudden, and the reaction of the guy is unpredictable. Much depends on your relationship – how long have you been together, married or not, whether you are planning children, and many other factors. But the main thing you need to understand that talking about pregnancy is necessary in private and in person. A phone call or SMS is not suitable for such important news, and after this message there will be many questions, surprise, so you better be there.
Contact the guy and offer to meet. It is not necessary to fill the drama with the phrase "We need to talk" or "Have a serious conversation". Although sometimes this scare tactic helps to give an unexpected pregnancy in a winning perspective, if he expects something more terrible.
During a conversation it is not necessary to defer the topic of pregnancy. For guys this information is to present allusions ("would you Like to be Pope?"), but the direct phrase "I'm pregnant". You can force it to ask a leading question, if during the meeting you will look depressed and sad, he asks about the reasons for your behavior. Then you say why, adding in a voice of anxiety and excitement. In this case, he reacts softer, will calm you down and it will be easier to accept the unexpected news.
Be ready for any reaction, especially if you want to tell the guy about an unwanted pregnancy. The shock can cause fear of liability if a youngster is young. Don't push him, let me think and give time to accept the news.
It is better to prepare the kid for this information. For two or three days before the main news to inform him about the delay, but don't tell about pregnancy. Look at his reaction, tell him I'll have to buy a test and find out for sure. From that moment in his head are already thoughts about a possible pregnancy, and your news will not be shocking.