Most men think that if an erection all right, and no health problems fact about infertility may not be considered. However, it is not so. The male examination is carried out in each case of sterile marriages, and starting with the sperm. Get tested have back and submit to a semen analysis. If the ejaculate contains no sperm, so disturbed spermatogenesis, in that case, the infertility is called secretory. Another option is sperm produced, but for some reason do not fall into the VAS deferens. In this case we are talking about obstructive infertility.
Confirmation of obstruction of the VAS deferens are getting on the bilateral genitogram. Pass this kind of examination, genitogram will see the level of obstruction of the ducts. Total obstruction is extremely rare, most men it is localized at the level of the transition of the testicle into the VAS deferens.
If the sperm count is detected by agglutination, i.e. the agglutination of sperm, we are talking about the autoimmune version of infertility. In this case, they lose their mobility and are unable to fertilize a female egg. Under this option, pass the MAR-test, with it set antisperm antibodies. A protein substance which in contact with sperm, disrupt mobility and can even cause their destruction.
To obtain reliable results, examinations need to follow a few rules when depositing semen. A few days before the test, refrain from sexual activity. Throughout this period, don't use drugs, alcoholic drinks and coffee. Do not visit during the preparation of the semen bath, sauna and Solarium.
In rare cases (about 6%) causes of male infertility are chromosomal abnormalities. In severe oligospermia or azospermia pass the examination in cytogenetics. In some cases, is confirmed by the relationship of infertility with chromosomal aberrations.