You will need
  • The desire to learn ovulation test.
The first is to determine blood group and RH factor, to make ultrasonic research of mammary glands and pelvic organs immediately after the menstrual cycle, to exclude the presence of cysts or polycystic ovaries, accompanied by hormonal disorders. Need to be tested for viral infections: herpes, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, HIV, rubella, as these infections often lead to miscarriage.
Infertility can result from the presence of chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, streptococci, the presence of these parasites has virtually no symptoms, but leads to a number of other more serious diseases. Any infection can be transmitted from mother to fetus through infected genital tract or with blood through the placenta, therefore, to discover and to cure it is only necessary to pregnancy.

Will not prevent smear for Cytology to exclude cancer. Be sure to check the patency of the fallopian tubes using x-rays or hysterosalpingography – these procedures are quite unpleasant.
If you have previously been miscarriages, abortions or premature birth, should seek the advice of a genetics specialist, you will need a more thorough examination, including determining the status of the internal layer of the uterus.

To prevent the emergence of problems is the study of chromosomes of future mothers, even perfectly healthy people can be carriers of chromosomal rearrangements, and then there is a risk to give birth to a child with chromosomal abnormality.

The fundament lies the story of the illness of a close relative, especially one that recurs from generation to generation, the doctor will be interested in cases of severe diseases, the presence of closely related marriages in the family.