Register in one or several social networks. This is one of the best, from the point of view of capabilities and resources, allowing you to quickly find a person by name free. In each of the social networks there is a whole system of people search on various parameters, of Course, name and surname are the main ones. If known, indicate also year of birth, place of residence, educational institution or place of work for the right person. The result may not always meet expectations, but given the fact that today social media is a huge number of people, very often this method to find someone by name for free can be enough.
Use one of the free search databases online, for example, specify name of the person you are looking for. Simply enter the name of the person you want to service has helped to find it by all available means. Information must be entered into the field. The search will be more effective if you specify other available information about the person.
Try to find someone by name for free using one of the sites involved in the restoration of the family tree surnames, for example, or These resources allow you to find your closest kin. Through special forums, contact other users of the sites to assist you in finding the right person and wait for a response. It is also desirable to know the name.
Place in a variety of media, providing the opportunity of free publications, the announcement that you want to find a certain person. Specify data for feedback and as much information as possible that will help make your search more efficient. If possible, attach a photo of a man. If the searches are on a local level, you are free to paste up around town (in approved locations) or to place online ads with a call to respond to the desired person.
Contact places where they could work or study a person. Colleagues and teachers can well remember the employee or student with a certain name. In addition, this information may be stored in a database companies. If you have common friends, do not forget to ask for help from them.