Before you contact the various state structures, search for the person yourself. Start with the most simple – search in social networks. Sign up and start searching in networks: Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Moi Mir", "circle of friends". To find the person by name and date of birth, enter that information in the search query box. If you are aware of the alleged city of residence, be sure to specify it. This will help you greatly to narrow the geography of your search. If you not found what you are looking for, don't despair. This is only the first stage of the search. And the reasons for your failure can be several.
First, people may simply not register on this site.
Secondly, it can when registering to use a different name or surname. For example, instead of the actual name "Elena Petrova" the person wishing to show originality, you can write "the Beautiful Helen".
Thirdly, people with excessive sense of humor are a little "embellish" your age. This discrepancy between the true date of birth which will make impossible the appearance in the search results of your desired person.
If the first phase of the investigation was not successful, start searching in various groups and associations. In most social networks there is a special section "Groups". They include people United by common interests, views, combines education, work, etc. If you don't know how she's literally called, the search don't use quotes. To take the name in quotation marks should only be done when you're absolutely certain and complete phrase. Otherwise, the search will be fruitless. If the date of birth of the person January 6, 1990, visit the group called "Born 6 January 1990" (or similar name). In groups of people born in the same day, as a rule, a lot of users. People come back without hesitation. Maybe that is why there you will be able to find a person by date of birth.
The third phase of the search involves viewing groups related to academic activities. If you know where he was going to do, or in what school educated people, find a group along the following lines: "Institute of business and law. The 2007 year. Year of admission and graduation, you can calculate according to date of birth.
But you will have to check a few options. First, the person could go into a sabbatical, and thus finish a year later than you thought. Secondly, could not finish at all, or go to the related Department. Alternative search in social networks is the official website of the institution. Now, many institutions publish the names of their graduates. This is done so that employers could be confident that their young professional really studied in high school and not just bought the degree.