Use the Internet to find out the address a person by name free. In the first place sign up to one or more social networks. If you are looking for a person young or middle age, you can help the social network "Vkontakte". The older and older I prefer a site "Schoolmates". After registration, go to people search.
For starters, you can try to find the right person by name and surname, and specifying the city of residence, if known. If you're lucky, you'll see a link to the page of who you want. It is possible to find the address of someone either send him a personal message asking you to contact him and report his whereabouts. Even if you are unable to find the right person, try to get in touch with his relatives, friends or colleagues, who was in the same social network. Perhaps they will help you to find the desired address or point you in the right direction for further research.
There is a small likelihood that you will be able to find address by name and last name, just putting them in one of the Internet search engines (e.g. Google or Yandex). In some cases, it allows you to step on the person's profile in one of the lesser-known social networks, Dating online ads or even in the archival reports of the city or region. Here are often placed address and other contact details including the mobile number or home phone.
If you are not able to use the Internet, or the search was not successful, try to contact the passport office of the village, where either can live the man or any of his relatives. If you are related to them, it is enough to provide your passport and you will get information about its current address. You can also avoid all places where it might appear. Pay special attention to educational institutions, hospitals and clinics, and the prospective place of work. Usually here can help to find the address or other contact information of the person you are relative.