To change the contrast of the static image (photo, picture) use the functions viewer programs. Traditional programs that are installed in Windows by default, do not possess the desired functionality. But use professional editors to adjust the contrast also is not necessary. Quite suitable known solutions: ACDSee, FastStone Image, IrfanView and other programs of this kind. With the image open any of these programs, go to options and find the appropriate option. So to change the contrast of the picture in the program IrfanView, go to Image in the item Color corrections. In the opened settings window, move the slider of the Contrast setting to achieve the desired result. Click OK to change the original image and, if necessary, re-register it with the new file.
To change the contrast of an image, and when watching movies and TV series. For this study the settings of the main player you use. Find the settings for the output image. To change the contrast , quite simply, if you use VLC-player. Go to menu "Tools" item to Extended Settings. In the new window click the tab "Video effects" and tick the "image Settings". Inactive options will be available, and you will be able to install the new settings contrast.
If you are not happy with the overall contrast of the image on the monitor and not the quality of the individual files, change the contrast in the settings of the graphics card. Go to display settings and click Advanced. In the new window, go to the settings tab of the video card from the manufacturer. On the example of Intel graphics Graphics select "Graphics" – "color adjustment". You will see already familiar from the previous steps the slider of the contrast settings. Install it to a new position and press OK.