You will need
  • word processor Microsoft Office Word 2007.
Click the text image that needs to be changed. So you turn on the "picture tools" menu, and the text editor will add a new tab ("Format") - click on this new tab.
Click the "Crop" command group "Size", if you want to remove the unnecessary part of the image at its edges. After that, the image frame changes and moving the corners and side lines of the frame, you can specify the new boundaries of the image.
Change the values in the fields with pictograms denoting the width and height if it is necessary to change the size of the image without maintaining proportions. These fields are in the same group of teams, "Size" next to "Pruning." You can do without them, if you drag anchor points on the frame around the image with the left mouse button. If you need to increase or decrease the picture with the same aspect ratio, then move these points should Shift.
Adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture, if necessary. This is placed in the group of the commands "Edit" drop-down lists that are so called "Brightness" and "Contrast". In addition, the group placed the command "Repaint", which can make the picture monochrome, for example, to replace all the colors are different shades of green or red colors. Clicking on this button, you can in the drop-down list to select the desired shade of color.
Set the parameters of volume images using commands in the "picture Styles". You can choose one of the preset options or design your own using the dropdown lists on the buttons "Form drawing", "drawing" and "picture Effects".