7. Give business cards to stroiinkom

"We have an agreement with several points in the construction markets, says working in Russia, the foreman of the builders of the Serbian Dragan Bushlaty. – We buy the materials, and they are passing out business cards at a discount to their customers. Among thus obtained the orders for the last time was the construction of the house, and the complex repair of apartment.

Judge: I Think that the foreman did not mention one important detail: just a box of business cards on the counter will not work, they should give the seller, accompanying its recommendations. To motivate him to do it, honestly sharing a percentage of the order. In General, the method is good, but not 100%, because stroyrynok customers usually come when the repairs began.

6. Increase "word of mouth"

"Good artists customers are happy to recommend to friends. You need to stimulate this process, – said the Builder of baths and log cabins Michael Avdelok. – First, during visits to the site I always actively communicate with their neighbors, go to the store, etc. you don't need anything to build, to repair, to help? Say, while we are here – inexpensive. Very often thus in the village of "hilling" is not one, but several orders. Secondly, the last time I strongly urge you to write me a review on "the Repairman.<url>", give something or do a discount".

Expert: the Way is great, but starts working when a certain base of customers it has accumulated. I recommend the masters to learn to talk to people (there are lots of books on the psychology of communication, you can start with Dale Carnegie). Reviews on the above website is quite useful (I think that the wizard, for example, such reviews are rowing with a shovel), as there really looking for customers. But this search service for orders we will return below.

5. To advertise

"Our team is putting up about 2,000 ads per month in Maryino and Lyublino, – said the foreman Rustem Halipov. – It provides a pretty steady flow of calls. Large orders among them – a rarity. Usually call for small work, but in our area. And clients often come back again".

Expert: Ads on poles and stands at the entrances will work. People have the impression that the ad had hung up someone who lives in the neighborhood. It should beat in the text: "Plumber. I live nearby, I come quickly".

4. To publish ads in Newspapers and magazines

"We are looking for customers, posting ads on sites like "Craigslist", newspaper "hand in hand", in the magazine "construction and renovation", – says Elena Kuzmina on the methods of promotion of her husband – an electrician and a plumber. – On average, one ad gives one call, three to five calls – one to order. Orders there are different, including big. The downside is that ads have to publish constantly, several a day: free bad work, and turn into noticeable expenditure. Besides, it is necessary to sit all the time on the phone, otherwise, the customers are lost."

Expert: Websites like "Craigslist" and "hand in hand" is now mostly positioned as a platform for the sale of used things. To search for services, people use them less frequently. Overall, even though it is not the most convenient and modern, but in active use, and a creative approach to making announcements fairly reliable way to search orders.

3. To cooperate with agencies and other units.

"I work with several agencies of the "Husband for an hour". When they have order in my district, passed it to me, " says Michael Baysak, a master of a wide profile. – However, for their "guaranteed" orders take a huge Commission. And some agencies do sell contacts without one, but from many masters: so the client still need to be persuaded. I am often called in by other teams, but it is also less profitable, than to negotiate with the customer directly".

Expert: Partnerships with other teams and agencies is not the work itself, but rather employment. Less responsibility, the orders "on a silver platter", but earning less. However, if the master is not very good at communicating with people or new to the specialty, this way he is not the worst.

2. To create your own website

"I had hoped that a private website will bring our team more orders, but did not expect to have to invest in advertising, – complains Sergey Falconer, whose firm specializiruetsya in repairs bathrooms and kitchens. – Until he learned how to do advertising on the Internet, squandered two or three months ' revenue. We are now, on average, spend 3-4 thousand rubles a day, have 2-3 order per week."

Judge: In the court of 2013, and repairers on the Internet in significantly less than, for example, dentists. Meanwhile, our own website, even the simplest, translates the private master or crew is almost in the category of gods. More trust from the customer, more opportunities to present their services, you can keep a higher price tag. To promote a website makes sense with the help "Yandex.Direkt or Google.AdWords", you can learn it in a couple of weeks. Costs named by this master, one and a half times higher than it should be with so many orders. It is necessary to fine-tune the campaign. By the way, don't have to do a separate site, you can publish your profile with photo works and the price list for repair and construction portal.

1. To start the questionnaire on the portal Repairman.<url>


"Most of the orders last year to take on the Repairman.<url>," – says the foreman Alex Patrichev. – There are small orders, like install a mixer, and large, level of repair of an apartment or build a house. Almost all the orders straight, but there are invitations to the brigade. You can respond to customer requests (out of 500 applications a day we meet, on average, 5-7 of interest to us), you can climb to the main page, and then customers will call. In principle, the "Repairman" you can find the orders for free, but paid access speeds at times."

Expert: "The Repairman.<url> is the site for search orders, the meeting place of artists and customers. Designed not harder. If a customer requires, for example, to repair apartments, it is just a free publishes a request and chooses the master of those who responded. Soon, the customers will generally search for artists (of any type) only such services as "Repairman.<url>", because for them it is convenient: you can see examples of work, testimonials, contract. Now on the "Repairman" orders more than the performers, although the latter created more favorable conditions than for customers.