You will need
  • website;
  • - portfolio of works;
  • advertising.
Create a portfolio of available works. It will be one of the main resources through which you will demonstrate examples of your projects to potential clients.
Create a company website. It must be professionally executed site that gives a comprehensive view about the nature of your work and design abilities. Place on the portal work samples, provide pricing, existing permits, make a guestbook and make the feedback form. Promote your website online using SEO and contextual advertising. Make sure your organization's name is on the first results page of potential clients.
Make business connections with manufacturers of building materials, offering them a mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. The representatives of these companies can encourage its regular customers your company as a contractor for the construction and to obtain a certain percentage from each order. You, in turn, will guide their customers in these shops for all necessary materials, and also getting a set discount.
Give the advertising in targeted publications. Among them is the magazines about the construction and design of the newspaper advertising of the sale of construction materials, directories of organizations of your profile. Create catchy module and set a reference to an Internet portfolio of their work.
Set up relationships with large construction companies. In some cases, large companies prefer to give the number of construction projects to subcontractors. In this case you will have to give part of the profits to the General contractor, but in return can receive a steady stream of new customers.
Join the SRO of builders in your area. So you will be able to establish many business relationships, obtain new clients and build partner relationships with similar organizations.