Apply for participation in the tender for the construction declared by the local administration. Tender announcements are published in the local press and also in the printed body of a municipality. However, not all construction orders reach the moment of placing the auction, so it will be nice if you have friends in the administration (the Department of buildings or in the cadastral office).
Place in the media and online ads about the services your construction company. Create a website that will publish information about the company, work experience in the market of real estate, as well as articles on construction. Be sure to open the rubric "Reviews," which publish letters of thanks and responses of your customers, if any.
Track growth in the demand for housing, commercial, industrial and socially-cultural objects in your area. Perhaps you'll be able to make an offer of the administration or of entrepreneurs if, according to your calculations, they will soon arise a need to construct new buildings (for example, in connection with the demolition of emergency housing or expansion of production).
If you live in Moscow, St. Petersburg or another major city of Russia, consult the website where published information on the construction projects and tenders. To find the construction site, select from list "type of construction", "Region", "District", design Type", "Status" criteria as required and click "apply". On this website you can also find information about upcoming tenders, or to place an ad on the services your firm.
Moscow residents, in addition, unable to find information about construction sites and placing ads to see the site and St.-Petersburg – on the page