You will need
  • Garden shears
Select for TUI lightly shaded area with fertile soil. If too bright, the sun in all species of thuja can develop sunburn. But the shadow should not be too thick, otherwise the needles will be sparse and pale. If the soil is poor, thuja thinned will begin to bear fruit and quickly lose their decorative appearance. If you have a hedge, plant thuja need not be closer than two feet from each other. Watering in the first month after planting. In the future — rare, but abundant, not less than 15 liters of water per plant. In the first autumn after planting need to be covered with young trees. In the future it will not be necessary, strong adult trees normally tolerate even freezing winter.
Start forming the crown for the second year after planting. Cut the top, it stimulates the growth of side shoots. For the first haircut will be enough. The needles will look more dense. Arborvitae tolerates mowing, if not cut off at once too much and not to weaken the plant. Cut about a third of the length of the shoot. This applies not only elite, but also the side branches.
After the first haircut wait until next spring. Again trim the apical shoots, and start forming the sides. The hedge should be done in the form of bars with straight sides. Single trees can be formed, as will prompt your imagination. Trim the shoots that are beyond your intended shape. In the third year after planting is recommended to feed th mineral fertilizers.
When the tree reaches the desired height, provide regular formative haircuts. To cut it a few times a year, in warm periods. Shear thuja before the onset of cold weather is not desirable