Best time for tree planting – spring and autumn growing periods. In these seasons marked the best survival rate of the trees. The first planting of green spaces begins after snowmelt and continues until such time as the kidney may not be deployed on a half-sheet. If these works are planned to be performed in the fall, it should start during the mass yellowing of leaves, and finish with the arrival of the first frost.
Technology of planting poplars is different from similar works with fruit trees only in that they have neck root deepens in the soil to 5-8 cm, because wood green spaces require a lower incorporation of roots into the soil. If the landing is planned for next spring, hole dug under the trees in the autumn.
As with any work with the seedlings of other cultures, seedlings of poplars before planting in the soil sorted. Culling is subjected to planting material with the dried, wrinkled, moldy and poorly developed roots. Those plants who have discovered the above shortcomings are removed.
From seedlings selected for planting, the root system must not be longer than 25 cm, all the excess is cut by the shears, or cuts off with whetted axe. Also they have shortened and aerial part. Left the barrel, the height of which does not exceed ten centimeters.
When planting seedlings in the holes, their roots stretch out in it and backfilled with earth. Then they are watered abundantly with water, and is sprinkled over the top of another layer of soil which is then compacted by hand. At the final stage of the landing place multimedia.