Usually coniferous trees are propagated by vegetative method, but can be propagated thuja seeds. Just keep in mind that from seed the most common spherical garden arborvitae can grow and form a pyramidal arborvitae. Conversely, the pyramid form arborvitae can give the offspring a spherical shape. In the ratio of these forms of TUI occupy approximately equal position, giving in the offspring half of both forms.
Sort them on the second year of life, when manifested outward signs of a particular form.
You should know that reproduction by seeds is a very lengthy process and can take three to five years.
To propagate thuja seeds easy, the main thing – to clearly adhere to certain rules. For planting, use only fresh seeds collected in autumn. Arborvitae seeds are in the cones, which ripen in the first year of fruiting. They have brownish-orange or light brown in color and stand out against the remaining green branches of thuja.
Break off brown branches with small cones, which contain seeds, in the required amount and bring home the. Spread cones evenly on the paper, preferably in a single layer. The next day from the open sashes cones poured the seeds of thuja.
Before sowing soak the seeds either in water or in moist sand for 12 hours. It is advisable to plant seeds in pre-moistened soil.
Ideally, the fifth best grown on peat or clay soils, with high humidity. This tree prefers sheltered from the sun and the wind, as strong wind or direct sunlight dry up crown. In two years the seedlings arborvitae under favorable conditions, grow to half a meter in height.