At citrus, including lemons seeds very quickly lose their germination, so plant them immediately after removing from the fruit. Growing plants from seed, most preferably, as during the individual development they adapt to the conditions in which to grow and develop.
One of the main conditions to receive the fruit is the health of the plant and its correct development. In this case, the fruition will come in the fourth year (if the lemon is grown from seed).
The most risk-free way to encourage flowering is to provide a plant of tropical conditions all year round. It is necessary to regularly spray the foliage, watering the flower with warm water to provide it color day 12 hours.
There are also a few radical measures, which resulted in the lemon will either bloom or die. The basis of these methods is the production of plants in such conditions where it is on the verge of life and death. Lemon "understands" that he may die, but the species must live, therefore, he will try to bloom and yield her fruit, i.e., to produce offspring.
The first method. Tighten one of the branches of the ring of wire or bend branches, resulting in disturbed nutrition of the plant.
The second method. Cut off crust "the ring" and by changing the polarity of the segment (backwards), private her to the same place.
And finally, you can "dry up" the plant. Bring it to a dropping of the leaves, and then give him a tropical climate. However, these three methods are quite cruel and can lead to the death of the plant.
There is another way to stimulate flowering and fruiting of a lemon, however, it is a bit troublesome. Private developed the branch, whose age is not less than three years, already platanaceae tree. During the next fruiting rootstock will stimulate the flowering of the Scion, and later blooming branch rooting method of aerial saplings. Lemon, prodanovi at least once, will bear fruit more and more with proper care.