You will need
  • garden pruner;
  • - growth stimulator.
Pruning arborvitae is recommended at the beginning of April or end of June. However, to maintain a selected shape of the crown some varieties of this plant has to cut once a month from early summer to frosts. Pruning arborvitae should be done in dry weather.
In the spring of thuja completely remove damaged branches. Thus the thickened crown of the varietal forms of arborvitae Western should be thinned by cutting some quite healthy branches to improve air circulation in the crown and reduce the risk of infestation.
To adjust the direction of tree growth, you can trim the top at the desired height. In this case, you will receive thuja growing in width. For the formation of dense ball-shaped shrub, if this form allowed the plant variety, cut away from the arborvitae branches, differing in length from the main mass of the shoots that make up the crown.
The decorative trimming that is required to maintain a selected shape of the crown, with TUI regularly crop part of an annual gain. More severe pruning can result in the crown plots devoid of greenery, old branches, causing the plant will lose a significant part of the decoration.
It may be that the plant too often requires adjustment of the crown due to rapid growth. In this case, reduce the number of insertion under the tree fertilizers.
If the plant has not been timely formed during the summer should make it a sanitary pruning: remove frozen branches and, if necessary, Priedite crown.
TUI for growing in shaded areas, thinning is not necessary, their crown and without that do not differ with density. If you are thinking about transplanting a Mature tree from the shadows into a lighted area, take care of keeping the clod of earth surrounding the roots. Young TUI much better tolerate the transplant.
Cropped plant treated with a growth stimulant and feed. Forming pruning of the tree should start next season after thuja will get stronger.