The computer program "1C:Enterprise" is a system of individual products and components, such as 1C:Trade and warehouse, 1C:Salary and personnel, 1C: Accounting, etc.

In order to efficiently use all features of the software, you need to pay attention to the recommendations of the system contained in the "Tips of the day". In addition, emerging work issues you can refer to the staff, to establish and support a program in the firm.

Additional information can also be obtained in the menu "action", "context menu", in the "help" in the inline description in tooltips. In addition, in the "Settings" you can find additional capabilities of the system.

Software products are continually updated and re-issued. Usually for the timely installation of updates follow service experts. To see the version number installed on a particular desktop computer can call a mode "About" (menu "Help").

Work with 1C starts with running the program on your computer. Immediately after the start of the program there is a "launch Window", choose one of the modes of "1C:Enterprise" (for users) and the Configurator (to the programmer).

When you select "1C:Enterprise" offers an interface that is configured under a specific user (by default, open the menu and standard toolbar). Main menu here for work – "Operation" and "Service".

In General, work with 1C it looks like the choice of the sections in the menu screens. In all configurations there are Windows that help to Orient in them or contain reference information, for example, "help", "workplace", "navigation assistant". You can find them in "help –Panel features - Quick development –Additional information – Starting assistant". Basic steps that will have to work with "1C: Enterprise" is the introduction and adding information to the directory, execution (filling) documents, view statements.

Detailed step by step instructions can be found online on the sites or user forums.

Mode Configuration allows you to create an application solution for a particular enterprise taking into account specificity of its production activities, personnel and financial policies. This regime employs only experts in the field of programming.