To be included in the base 1C of the invoice, select the main menu item "Documents". If you need to record the purchase of inventory or services, please select the submenu "Management of procurements". Further, the "Flow of goods and services."
Find in the toolbar a green circle with a cross. Summing to it the cursor will pop up the symbol actions "add". Clicking on this icon will open the document "invoice".
In the upper left corner of the opened document, select "operation". Opens the list of "purchase — processing — equipment — construction objects". Select the desired value. Remember that each value represents a typical transaction.
Select from the directory company. All the data of the counterparty should be entered in the directory at the preparatory stage of program implementation. If the customer is new, the invoices go to the directory of contractors and fill out all required fields of the directory. Then go back to the original document and continue working on making invoices.
Select contract from the list of contracts contractor. If this contractor signed a contract, the field will be filled in when you select the value of the company. Fill in the required tab - "products" or "services". Put the right mark in the fields of "b/a" in accounting, "n/a" - tax accounting and "Mgmt" - management accounting.
Click in the lower right corner to "fill". If you did not fill in all required fields of the document, you will see the error message. Next to the icon "fill" locate the icon "OK". Click on "OK" for the document. Check the correctness of the accounting entries after the invoice.
If you need to account for the implementation of inventory or services, please select the submenu "sales Management". Then fill the opened document in steps 2-6. If the organization is selling goods or services on a regular basis, the program provides automatic creation of invoices in the shipment of goods(services).